Mowgli Studio

The Elephant in the Room Diversity Trainings

San Francisco, CA Mission: Based on the idea that an elephant in a room would be impossible to overlook, this further implies that people in the room who are not addressing the elephant have chosen to avoid the looming big issue. The Elephant In The Room Diversity Trainings is committed to addressing these looming big […]

That’s What She Said

Champaign, IL Mission: To give voice to women’s experiences via public platform and in exchange captivate, connect, and uplift one another. There is great value in the telling and hearing of our stories with humor, compassion, and honesty. We believe in that whether it’s in our home town, where you live, or where any of […]

Mahomet Public Library

Mahomet, IL Mission: The Mahomet Public Library is a center of community life offering opportunities for people of all ages to learn, gather, and grow by providing resources, programs, technology, and information. The library provides gracious and friendly service to all users.Website:

The First Year Experiment

Mowgli Studio’s First Year was an Experiment After about six years of working at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, I was ready for a change. I started designing in 2000 as a freelancer, and I missed having variety and creative control of what I worked on. I also knew, after being lucky enough to […]