Mowgli Studio

Zora’s Cradle

Louisville, KY About: Zora’s Cradle (opening Fall 2021) is a maternity home that provides essential services in Louisville, Kentucky to expectant mothers through a holistic approach. One of the primary objectives of the program is to address the racial disparities that persist in maternal morbidity and infant health amongst Black Women. This innovative program will […]

CU City Farm

Champaign County, IL About: Champaign-Urbana City Farm’s (CU City Farm) mission is to create resilient, healthy, sustainable, and empowered communities through a major urban farming and educational system that provides job training, jobs, education, and access to healthy fresh food to underserved populations in the Champaign-Urbana area. Facebook | Web

Activists for Racial Equity (ARE)

McHenry County, IL About: Activists for Racial Equity (ARE) was born from the need to take action after the murder of George Floyd. As of today, this group consists of over 700 McHenry County residents standing up for the rights of all of our neighbors. Website: Facebook

Champaign Regional Healthcare Coalition

Champaign County, IL About: The Champaign Regional Healthcare Coalition is a group of representatives from healthcare organizations and other related agencies who collaborate to share information, resources and expertise to our communities and region within the state of Illinois.Website: no longer exists, but you can follow them on Facebook

Allerton Park Concert Series

Monticello, IL About: Named one of the Seven Wonders of Illinois by the Illinois Bureau of Tourism, Allerton offers 1,500 acres of beautiful, outdoor surroundings. This preview is sharing the rebranding of their yearly concert series.Website:

San Pedro Dance Academy

San Pedro, Belize Mission: The San Pedro Dance Academy (SPDA) is a non-profit organization committed to transforming the lives of young people through dance.

PhilanTherapy International

Melbourne, Australia Mission: PTI aims to develop or strengthen self-sustaining, grass-roots programs that improve the quality of life of people with disabilities in underserved communities around the world.Website: no longer active

The Elephant in the Room Diversity Trainings

San Francisco, CA Mission: Based on the idea that an elephant in a room would be impossible to overlook, this further implies that people in the room who are not addressing the elephant have chosen to avoid the looming big issue. The Elephant In The Room Diversity Trainings is committed to addressing these looming big […]

That’s What She Said

Champaign, IL Mission: To give voice to women’s experiences via public platform and in exchange captivate, connect, and uplift one another. There is great value in the telling and hearing of our stories with humor, compassion, and honesty. We believe in that whether it’s in our home town, where you live, or where any of […]

Mahomet Public Library

Mahomet, IL Mission: The Mahomet Public Library is a center of community life offering opportunities for people of all ages to learn, gather, and grow by providing resources, programs, technology, and information. The library provides gracious and friendly service to all users.Website: