Mowgli Studio

John Havlik

Johnson County, IL About: John Havlik is an artist, graphic designer, and master naturalist. He also happens to be my design mentor and friend, so this project was great honor. You can find John’s illustrations exhibited throughout Illinois and for sale on his website. Web | Instagram

Immigrant Services of Champaign-Urbana

Champaign County, IL About: Immigrant Services of Champaign-Urbana (ISCU) purpose is to help immigrant families overcome their adversities and together build a future where their assets and talents fulfill their hopes and dreams. Website:

Activists for Racial Equity (ARE)

McHenry County, IL About: Activists for Racial Equity (ARE) was born from the need to take action after the murder of George Floyd. As of today, this group consists of over 700 McHenry County residents standing up for the rights of all of our neighbors. Website: Facebook

Uplands PEAK Sanctuary

Freedom, IN About: Indiana’s first farmed animal sanctuary, Uplands PEAK Sanctuary, was founded in 2012 and opened its barn doors in 2013 to our first residents, Andy and Annie, two brave piglets who escaped a backyard butcher. Smack-dab in the thick of animal agriculture, co-founders Mark and Michelle believe this is where sanctuary is needed […]

Allerton Park Website

Monticello, IL About: This magical place updated its website to match! Explore gardens, artwork, trails, classes, events, research, and more to plan your perfect visit.Website:

SoCal VegFest 2018

Costa Mesa, CA About: A festival introducing the benefits of healthy, conscious living to Southern California.Website:


International About: The idea behind Ecofluent is simple, but powerful » Individual choices can change our world.By making everyday purchases that support companies who place a high value on sustainability—whether it’s a grocery store purchase, investment decision, or travel destination—we can collectively use the principles of supply and demand to fundamentally reshape our economy to one that […]

Uplands PEAK Sanctuary

Salem, IN About: Uplands PEAK Sanctuary rescues and rehabilitates abused and neglected farmed animals, educates the public to the benefits of a healthy vegan lifestyle, and promotes sustainability.

Champaign Regional Healthcare Coalition

Champaign County, IL About: The Champaign Regional Healthcare Coalition is a group of representatives from healthcare organizations and other related agencies who collaborate to share information, resources and expertise to our communities and region within the state of Illinois.Website: no longer exists, but you can follow them on Facebook

Courage Connection

Champaign County, IL About: Courage Connection provides housing and supportive services for individuals and families experiencing homelessness or who are victims of domestic violence.Website: