Summer Switcheroo


Welcome to the first non-earring item in the shop — it’s a necklace, it’s a bracelet, it’s an anklet!

The color palette has subtle cream and pale robin’s egg blue with pops of neon yellow and cayenne orange. I may have to use this color palette on some earrings—I’m loving it. It’s strung on a 21-strand stainless steel wire with a stainless steel lobster claw clasp.

There are two options: miyuki delica beads are more tube-like/clean lines or TOHO round beads are as you would guess, rounded. Because this necklace is 6′ long, the delica bead price can add up faster than the rounds—though from a distance they will look very similar. Because I wanted a more accessibly-priced item in the shop (groceries are so expensive!), I shouldn’t have even used the delica beads. That being said, I like how it turned out—so why not give you all the option instead of deciding for you?

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