Mowgli Studio

Mowgli Studio’s First Year was an Experiment

After about six years of working at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, I was ready for a change. I started designing in 2000 as a freelancer, and I missed having variety and creative control of what I worked on. I also knew, after being lucky enough to produce marketing for the arts, I wanted the clientele to continue to be intentional. My favorite projects since the beginning (and still today) are with non-profit organizations.

The experiment

I wanted to know if it were possible to hyper-focus on one client per month, to create anything they may possibly need — from branding to print to web and all the nooks and crannies in between. If I could focus on one client, I could do a lot of work for lower cost to them. To see if I could do this, I reached out to my community to offer up 12 non-profits a free month of design! I worked at Krannert during the day and designed for non-profits at night for a full year. It was amazing!

The results? Non-profits are overworked, so getting everything I needed to fit within a month wasn’t sustainable. That being said, you’re at this site and I’ve been happily working with non-profits since 2012 full-time, and it was the best decision I ever made.

Year One Portfolio

If you have the time, I encourage you to check out a few of these organizations still running strong today » Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra (Singapore), The Secret City (United States), and Carers NSW (Australia).

By the end of the year, my last client had backed out and I filled that last month with a new one quite serendipitously (they were touring Krannert Center while I happened to be walking through the lobby and heard one of the women say, “We just need a graphic designer.”) » That’s What She Said. My last performance working at Krannert Center was backstage with these incredible women. Their one month of work turned into three years, and since they have flourished in so many exciting directions!

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